If You Can Solve This Simple Math Puzzle in Under 10 Seconds, You May Be a Genius!

Math is one of the subjects you either loved or hated in school and I remember several of my classmates saying, “we’ll never use this in our lives so why bother?” Looking back, I’m glad I took an interest in math because they were so wrong.

We use math every single day even if we don’t realize it.

There are several math tricks available today that make math a little easier but there are also several math equations that will twist your brain in knots. Some math equations become easier if you think outside the box and this definitely applies to the following math equations.

Some particularly tricky math equations have gone viral and it has been driving some people to the edge. It’s also considered a puzzle of sorts but if you solve the math equations in 10 seconds or less, it means you have the IQ of a genius!

Can you solve this High IQ Intelligence Test in under 10 seconds?


It may seem difficult at first but once you find out the answer, you’ll see just how simple this math equation is.


Feeling stumped and want to know the answer? Scroll down further if you…


Are you sure?


OK, here is the answer! You first multiply the numbers, add them, then subtract them.

In other words, the first part of the answer is the product of the numbers (8×2=16). The middle section is the sum of the numbers (8+2=10). And the last section is the difference (8-2=6).

Were you able to guess it? If so, congratulations and if you didn’t, at least you tried! Please share this tricky math equation puzzle with your friends and family.

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