Instead of Ending up at a Landfill, This Used Coffee Cup Will Grow into Flowers and Trees

You’ve probably heard of edible cups and while it is one way to reduce waste, do you really want to eat something that has been designed to hold hot beverages. Also, how sanitary are they? Where has it been? How was it handled? A better method may soon be available by a company called Reduce. Reuse. Grow.

According to their stats, Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee a day and the majority are served in disposable cups. While some of the cups are biodegradable, their materials usually end up in the landfill at some point. Consumers instead have a chance to help the environment by planting them and grow trees and flowers in the process.


Each day, we throw away or recycle 400 million coffee cups.

When planted, each post-consumer paper-based cup which will be able to filter over 1 ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere annually.

The cups are compost certified and are constructed from recycled fibers which would have ended up at a landfill.

It only takes minutes to plant each cup.

The consumer can either plant the cup themselves or throw it into a special bin at the coffee shop where it was purchased. It will be planted by groups or organizations.

Reforestation locations are already designated with many more in the future.

H/t: Laughing Squid

This is just a fantastic idea and if you would like to donate, please visit their Kickstarter campaign and help make a difference for the environment. Please share the world’s first plantable coffee cup with your friends and family.

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