He Sings a Cover Of “The Sound of Silence,” and His Performance Will Give You Chills

The Sound Of Silence Cover by Disturbed on Conan.

There are so many incredible classics that were released in the ’50s and ’60s. It’s always awesome when musicians cover them in their own style and introduce musical classics to a new generation. However, sometimes it works and sometimes you wished they left a classic song alone.

In the case of the cover of “The Sound Of Silence” sung by David Draiman, it definitely works. As the amazing vocalist for the heavy metal group Disturbed, he makes this version sound unbelievable. It wasn’t since watching two cellists perform a cover of Iron Maiden’s ‘Trooper’ that I’ve been so blown away by unusual pairings in music.

Originally released in 1964 by Simon and Garfunkel, it wasn’t until a new single was released in 1966 that it reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Disturbed played a cover of ‘The Sound Of Silence’ on Conan on TBS and it left the audience in chills.

Watch Disturbed perform an incredible cover of “The Sound Of Silence”


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding Disturbed’ ‘The Sound Of Silence’ cover:

  1. “If this doesn’t play at my funeral, I’m not gonna die.” – Angelic Raccoon
  2. “Rips my heart up. I’m a classically trained singer and never followed singers like this. Happened upon it by accident. When I heard this for the first, and subsequent 100 times, I was speechless. May he live and sing for another 50 years.” – karol hansen
  3. “When I’m drunk, this is how I think I can sing.” – Tomanista
  4. “My neighbour playing this song with a full volume Me: turn it off Neighbour: why? Me: I have a bigger speaker come over.” – wilson chawang

Disturbed did an amazing job with their ‘The Sound Of Silence’ cover yet still added their own personal touch to make it their own. Please share this incredible cover of ‘The Sound of Silence’ by the heavy metal band Disturbed with your friends and family.

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