This Powerful Video Reminds Us That Every Living Thing Has Feelings and Is a Gift

Powerful Video Reminds Us That Every Living is a Loving Gift.

Everything that has a heart and mind is capable of feeling emotions; however, it is easy to forget this at times. This heartbreaking video has an incredible message but it only reveals itself in the end. It was something I definitely wasn’t expecting.

It begins with parents adopting a little red-haired girl; however, the family gradually loses interest in her and she eventually acts out her feelings of rejection. When the family takes drastic measures, it reminds each and every one of us that every living thing on earth only wants to be loved and shouldn’t be abandoned.

Watch this powerful short film with an important message…


The powerful video was produced by DeadLens Pictures and is one that everybody should see and experience. We would never leave a human being by the side of the road. Why do some people feel it’s OK to leave an animal stranded and alone?

Please share this message that every living thing is a gift and should be treated with respect to your friends and family.

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