90-Year-Old Angela Lansbury Gives Crowd Goosebumps as She Performs a Disney Classic

Disney’s iconic animated feature film, ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ first hit the silver screen in 1991. It was Disney’s 30th animated feature and it was a hit for children AND their parents. Today, it still delights children of all ages who discover it for the first time.

Angela Lansbury Performs Tale as Old as Time for 25th Anniversary.

Angela Lansbury performed the classic Beauty and the Beast song entitled ‘Tale As Old As Time,’ and voiced the character Mrs. Potts, the castle cook that was turned into a teapot. She is a successful actress and has had many famous roles but to children, she will always be Mrs. Potts of Beauty and the Beast.

For the 25th anniversary screening of the 2017 live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, Angela Lansbury sang the classic song once again and it’s just as beautiful as the original. At 90-year-old, Angela continues to delight audiences and her performance is so endearing.

Watch Angela Lansbury perform ‘Tale As Old As Time’ for the 25th-anniversary screening of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’…


After her performance, she gets a much deserved standing ovation and she is so humble.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments for the video, “Beauty and the Beast | Angela Lansbury Live Performance” by Disney Movies:

  1. “She understands this song so well. it isn’t about hitting notes perfectly. It’s about the melancholy reflection of aged wisdom on the love of youth. It’s about reminiscence. About humanity and the timelessness of our better angels.” – PirateGhost
  2. “She’s the best Mrs. Potts.” – Richard Lin
  3. “It’s the singing voice of my grandmother by my bedside at 5-years old. It wonderful.” – Aaron Schumacher
  4. “Ugh, she just transported me back in time to when I was a little boy watching beauty and the beast. God bless her ❤️” – Bryan Alvareeezy

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