This Man Began Performing Music With a Typewriter and Stunned the Audience

Martin Breinschmid Performing on a Typewriter in Vienna.

If you have ever listened to someone typing on a manual typewriter, you know they can be noisy. But Viennese vibraphonist Martin Breinschmid decided to use it as a percussion instrument and it actually sounds good!

At first, the audience thought he was joking but it was so good that they couldn’t stop laughing. Watch at how he raises the roof with an old manual typewriter! I wonder if he had an essay to write and simply used the time to write it as he performs with the orchestra LOL!

Watch Viennese Percussionist Martin Breinschmid with his version of the “Typewriter” Live at the BASF concert hall in Ludwigshafen, Germany…


I would never have imagined using a typewriter for percussion but he pulled it off. If you like percussion, don’t miss the ‘Hot Scots’ drum line at a high school talent show which is just as hilarious.

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