She Picks up the Guitar and Plays One of the Best Instrumental Covers of ‘Hotel California’

Gabriella Quevedo Beautifully Playing 'Hotel California' Cover.

Like ‘Stairway to Heaven‘, ‘Hotel California’ is another very popular song with guitarists because it is a classic song that nearly everyone recognizes and loves to hear being played. Swedish-born guitarist Gabriella Quevedo has performed many excellent covers which can be heard on her YouTube page but this one, in particular, is especially beautiful because she plays the entire song fingerstyle.

The other interesting thing is that she is playing the vocal, guitar, bass parts all at the same time!

Watch Gabriella Quevedo perform an acoustic cover of Eagle’s classic hit, ‘Hotel California’…


The arrangement was composed by Tomi Paldanius and it is an incredible version of The Eagle’s classic ‘Hotel California’. Please share guitarist Gabriella Quevedo playing an incredible fingerstyle version of ‘Hotel California’ with your friends and family.

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