A Little Boy Was Shivering in the Cold Without a Jacket. Watch How People React…

A Little Boy Is Shivering at a Bus Stop.

While everyone deserves a hot meal, a warm jacket, and a cozy home to go to every night, not everyone is blessed as most of us are. It’s especially difficult to watch kids having to endure cold weather without proper clothing because their parents cannot afford it.

A social experiment was set up by SOS Children’s Villages with the goal of finding out how people would react if they saw a little boy shivering at a bus stop, in Oslo, Norway. Would they simply go about their day or would they stop and take time to help someone in need?

Watch how people reacted…


It’s amazing to see the generosity of so many people and it’s in our nature to help others. The social experiment was created to raise awareness of a similar situation faced by children in Syria. It was also created to help raise funds for the SOS Children’s Villages winter campaign.

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