345-Pound Woman Was Bullied Because of Her Weight. She Did THIS and Stunned Everyone!

As someone who has lived his life at a healthy weight and at an unhealthy weight, I know first hand how overweight people are treated differently. People who are overweight often feel like they are trapped in their own body but while losing weight isn’t easy, it is possible. Just like this man who lost 300 pounds by walking to Walmart and watching what he ate, it IS possible with dedication and hard work. One incredible woman named Tracy was constantly bullied and teased about her weight for most of her life. Then, she decided to do something about it. Here is her amazing weight loss story…

Amazing weight loss story. 345-Pound Woman Loses 200 Pounds and Her Results Are Jaw-Dropping!

At 345 pounds, Tracy was at a higher risk for illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Knowing she needed professional help if she was going to succeed, she did and the results are jaw-dropping. She was committed to changing her lifestyle and food choices and today she is an entirely new person.

Watch this amazing weight loss story…


In one year, Tracy lost 200 pounds without using any diet drugs or surgery. With every pound she lost, she gained more confidence and wanted to succeed even more and lose more weight.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Amazing weight loss story! Unsupersize Me” by carly asse:

  1. “Ok who else cried at the end? So happy for you girl, you deserve the best! <3” – xstreammakeova
  2. “God bless you and thank you for sharing. You are truly motivational for others.” – Jason Hall
  3. “Very inspiring. Thanks for the video. I needed the motivation as it is a LONG journey and can be discouraging. 66 pounds to go… Seems so far away.” – Maura La Prova
  4. “I love you girl…You are an inspiration to millions facing the brunt of being obese.” – Avik Bhattacharya

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