Comedian Ken Jeong Hilariously Answers Medical Questions From Twitter

Comedian Ken Jeong Hilariously Answers Medical Questions From Twitter.

Have you ever wondered why some doctors hit your knee with that weird rubber mallet? It turns out, it’s actually a useful way of checking to make sure your nervous system is working as it should. These questions and more are answered by comedian and star of ABC’s ‘Dr. Ken,’ Ken Jeong and you’ll be surprised by his medical credentials.

Before Ken Jeong made us laugh in blockbusters like ‘The Hangover,’ he actually worked as a real-life doctor. After completing medical school, Dr. Ken completed his internal medicine residency at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans. He then worked as a doctor at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Woodland Hills, California.

Even with his busy career, he took time to moonlight in comedy clubs in New Orleans and quickly became a hit. He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of becoming a comedian and actor and the rest is history. In this series by Wired, Jeong answers medical questions on Twitter with solid medical knowledge and his trademark comedic touch.

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Dr. Ken not only is a real doctor but also plays one on TV and his sitcom Dr. Ken is hilarious. Please share the hilarious but knowledgeable Ken Jeong answering medical questions from Twitter with your friends and family.

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