He Photoshops Himself into His Childhood Photos and the Result Is Jaw-Dropping

Have you ever wondered how you would have gotten along with your younger self or even your parents at a younger age? You may have already seen these photographs of a daughter photoshopping herself into your mother’s childhood photos; however, Montreal Photographer Conor Nickerson did something else and it’s amazing.

Nickerson looked at photos from his childhood and wondered how it would look if he photoshopped himself as his older self alongside his younger self. His photos are from 1997 to 2005 and he masterfully recreates the clothes, lighting, and poses to make every photo look incredibly realistic.

1) / Conor Nickerson

2) / Conor Nickerson

3) / Conor Nickerson

4) / Conor Nickerson

5) / Conor Nickerson

6) / Conor Nickerson

7) / Conor Nickerson

8) / Conor Nickerson

9) / Conor Nickerson

10) / Conor Nickerson

11) / Conor Nickerson

His project is very inspiring and hopefully will inspire other photographers and artists to do the same with their childhood photos. Check out his website or Facebook page for more of his work.

Please share these childhood photos of Conor Nickerson where he photoshops his present self with your friends and family.

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