Walmart Cashier Opens up Her Heart and Her Wallet to Help Elderly Man.

Have you ever went to a checkout line and maybe bought more than you expected? An elderly man arrived at a Walmart checkout line in Rotterdam, New York, and noticed that he didn’t have enough money to pay for his purchases.

Jenny Karpen, the Walmart cashier that processed his order informed him that he didn’t give her enough money to pay for his order. The gentleman then decided to remove items to bring his total down.

Proving that there are awesome people in the world, Karpen then informed the gentleman to keep his items and she took $40 of her own money to pay the remaining total on his order. She felt he would need the items he purchased and wanted to ensure he had all the items he originally purchased.

After noticing her generosity, other people in the checkout line wanted to reimburse her for the $40 and she politely declined.

Please share this heartwarming story about giving and hope so that it inspires everyone to give a little of their time or money to help someone’s holiday a little brighter.

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