Newfoundland Puppy Goes Crazy for Surprise Gift. He Is So Cute!

Just like people, our pets love to receive gifts. Just like this beautiful moment when a dog picks out a toy for the first time, Samson the Newfoundland puppy is about to get a surprise!

Newfoundland Puppy Goes Crazy for Surprise Plush Bunny!

As his owner mentions she has a surprise for Samson, you can immediately tell he is excited. He can definitely sense he is getting a present and it is something that he really, really likes. His reaction is priceless and I think he just found his new favorite toy!

Watch this Newfoundland puppy go crazy for surprise gift!


Have you ever seen such an excited pup?

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Newfoundland puppy goes crazy for surprise gift” by Rumble Viral:

  • “Newfies turn into huge two hundred pound babies – they always keep their puppy behavior.” – mistanix
  • “That is not a puppy. It’s a horse. I get the title though. All dogs are puppies and all cats are kitty cats.” – Mike Crabtree
  • “Gorgeous dog. I love how when they get a new toy they run around very proud looking, showing off their new toy. Then, within moments it’s ripped to shreds…lol… How can you not love dogs???? They truly are their people’s best friend.” – Eric Bauer
  • “Oh, puppy I want to know the secret of your cuteness.” – rupal jankee
  • “Somebody’s gonna have to define ‘puppy’ for me. He’s a big ol’ boy.” – Here For The Comments
  • “Dogs are so wonderfully pure. yet to meet one that can hide its feelings or lie. you can just see him thinking... oh new toy… mine, mine, mine… bite, bite, chew. lol” – Ken DAura
  • “What an adorable dog. And the human-dog interaction was majestic and sweet.” – Marcus van der Heyden

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