13 Food-Inspired Manicures That Look Absolutely Delicious. #7 Looks Awesome!

When it comes to manicures, the French manicure is a classic and so many other manicures are inspired by it. But, if you’re looking for a fun manicure that will make you stand out, these 13 food-inspired manicures definitely are not your average manicure.

Fast food items, junk food, candy, and several other types of food items are on this manicure menu. They look delicious and you may want to try one or try them all!

1) Ice cream nails.

2) Favorite fast food nails.

3) Fast food franchise manicure.

4) Soft drink nail art.

5) M&M candy manicure.

6) Hostess CupCakes manicure.

7) Oreo cookies manicure.

8) Pepperoni pizza nail art.

9) Deluxe pizza nail art.

10) Ben & Jerry’s nail manicure.

11) Candy wrapper nail art.

12) Fast food nail art.

13) Cupcakes with a “cherry on top” manicure.

There is no shortage of ideas for new manicures and the best part about these food-inspired manicures is that they are free of calories! If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out these chrome nails that shimmer and shine.

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