19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails That Bring Gradients to a Whole New Level

Ombré nails always look great but many people don’t bother because they think it’s a difficult style to achieve. Once you’ve perfected the art of gradient nails, you’ll want to go with ombre nails every time.

1) Whole-hand gradient nails.

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Whole-hand gradient nails.

Instagram / karengnails

Go ombré across the entire hand!

2) Perfect ombré nails.

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Perfect ombré nails.


Watch this video tutorial for creating perfect ombre nails!

3) Dark purple ombré nail art with a gorgeous glittering accent nail.

4) Peach ombré manicure with chevron ombré accents are beyond gorgeous.

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Peach ombré nails with chevron ombré accents is beyond gorgeous.

Instagram / @kiss_ot_chic

5) Pretty ombré nail design with an even prettier gradient heart!

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Pretty ombré nails with an even prettier gradient heart!

Instagram / @amkuch15

6) Chevron ombré manicures look so gorgeous!

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Chevron ombré nails look so gorgeous!

Instagram / @beautyaddictedd

7) Subtle colors look great.

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Subtle colors look great.

Instagram / @girlsandfashiion

8) Pink curvy gradient.

9) Ombre nail art with acrylic paint!

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Ombre nail art with acrylic paint!

YouTube / Simple Nail Art Designs

Recreate this gorgeous ombre nail art design with this ombre nail art video tutorial using acrylic paint.

10) Fabulous ombré nail art.

Read this step-by-step guide for getting these fun ombré nail art design at home.

11) Solid blocks of gradient colors bring sophistication to this nail art design.

12) Cute white ombré manicure.

This white ombré nail tutorial is beautiful and so easy to create.

13) Gorgeous black ombré manicure.

14) Dark purple ombré nail designs that are perfect for fall.

15) A burst of gorgeous color makes these ombré nail designs pop!

16) Black to pale blue is such an attractive gradient.

17) Look at those ombré nails shine!

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Look at those ombré nails shine!

YouTube / Lily Zhen

Learn the basics of color and techniques for creating ombré manicures.

18) Colorful ombré nails.

19 Gorgeous Ombre Nails - Colorful ombré nails.

YouTube / Jenny Claire Fox

Learn how to love these one step ombré nails.

19) Gorgeously gradated ombré manicure.

Get on the ombré trend and master the art of ombré nails.

Gradient nails always look great and all you need for most styles is high-quality nail polish and a sponge. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out these Minion nails that are simply too adorable.

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