19 Minion Nails That Are Simply Too Adorable. #13 Is Bananas and So Easy!

Nail art should be a reflection of who you are and expressing the things you enjoy makes your nails even more personal. Hello Kitty nails, Pokémon nails, and Minion nails are one method fans express themselves.

Minions are so cute and adorable that the following nails are inspired by the banana-loving minions. These 19 minion nail art designs are so cute you’ll want to try them all!

1) Learn how to create Minion nail art with fun googly eyes!

19 Minion Nails - Learn how to create Minion nails with fun googly eyes!

YouTube / Jadah Doll

2) Easy DIY Minion nails!

3) A cheeky minion after taking a bath.

19 Minion Nails - A cheeky minion after taking a bath.

Instagram / @banicured

4) Cute minions with even cuter moving eyeballs!

5) Glittering minions.

6) Cute little minions that are fun and easy to create.

19 Minion Nails - Cute little minion nails that are fun and easy to create.

YouTube / FairyDollNails

7) Smiling minions.

8) Fun Despicable Me nails.

9) Despicable Me minions!

10) Cute minion nail art design.

11) Minions in a bottle.

12) Awesome Despicable Me minion tutorial.

13) Make these super cute nails with this awesome video tutorial.

19 Minion Nails - Make these super cute minion nails with this awesome video tutorial.

YouTube / cutepolish

14) Despicable Me minion nail art.

15) Cute minion nails.

19 Minion Nails - Cute minion nails.

YouTube / Demelza’s World

Follow this minions nail art video tutorial to create these awesome minion nails!

16) Minion nail art accent nails.

Follow this step by step tutorial for creating these cute minion nails.

17) Awesome minion nails.

18) You may have seen minion nail art but not like this!

19 Minion Nails - You may have seen minion nails but not like this!

YouTube / HambatAttack002

Follow this easy video tutorial for making creative nails.

19) Minion nail art for every finger.

Learn how to paint minions on every nail with this step by step tutorial.

Fans of Despicable Me will appreciate these fun nails. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out these related posts:

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