27 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Valentine

Valentine’s Day is often referred to as a greeting card holiday but it really is a special time for loved ones to reconnect. It’s a day to make our significant other feel extra special with Valentine’s Day gifts and to let them know what they mean to us.

You could go out and get flowers and chocolate and that would be awesome but why not make something from the heart?

Here are 27 Valentine’s Day Gifts you can make yourself and it will mean so much more.

1) Turn a water bottle into a “love potion” with these free printable labels.

These labels are simple and cute and your valentine will love it. Download them and attach them to water or juice bottles.

2) Make DIY instant mocha mixes.

Who doesn’t love a cup of warm mocha latte, especially on a cold, winter day? Valentine’s Day gifts like this mocha mix are perfect for Valentine’s Day or you can fill test tubes from the craft store with so many different flavors. Grab the printables and recipe for this DIY mocha mix.

3) Tell your Valentine that they are the light of your life.

This couldn’t be cuter and all you need are a few supplies. It may take a bit of work to remove filament from a bulb but after that, it’s smooth sailing. This makes a great sentimental gift for your loved one. Follow this tutorial.

4) DIY kiss artwork lets you paint with your lips.

Even if you have no idea how to paint, this is one art project that is extremely sensual and sweet. Your Valentine will love all the sweet kisses and it’s a piece of artwork that showcases your love for each other. Follow the tutorial.

5) Create a handmade DIY wire-wrapped heart necklace.

Wire wrapping is not difficult and you can create this beautiful heart shape while you learn. It makes a great handmade jewelry gift for your Valentine and something he/she will treasure for years to come. Follow this tutorial.

6) Make Valentine candy bottles and heart arrows.

Candies are perfect when given as Valentine’s Day gifts but they’ll taste even better when presented in cute Valentine candy bottles. These bottles filled to the brim with candy also look even prettier with Cupid’s arrow. Follow the tutorial.

7) Tell them they are one in a million.

27 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts - Tell them they are one in a million.

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You probably feel like you’ve won the lottery for finding such a wonderful person to share your life with. Show them how lucky you feel with a box full of lottery tickets and chocolate hearts. If your loved one loves scratch tickets, this is perfect. Wouldn’t the excitement of winning extra cash on Valentine’s Day make it even better?

8) Make a Valentine’s Day domino set.

Make your next game of dominoes extra special with this DIY Valentine’s Day domino set. This is such a great idea for kids and all supplies could easily be found at a craft store. Follow the tutorial.

9) Sew heart hand warmers.

“Cold hands, warm heart” is an expression I hear often so warm up the hands of your loved one with this pretty hand warmer. If you know how to sew, these cute hand warmers only take minutes to make and they’ll put a smile on the face of your special Valentine. Follow this tutorial.

10) Create custom beer bottle labels.

Valentine’s Day gifts like this one couldn’t be simpler and is perfect for your beer lover. Simply create them in your favorite word editor or graphics program and print them out! If your Valentine prefers wine instead, paste them on wine bottles too! Follow this tutorial.

11) Give DIY Chalkboard Painted Mugs.

Imagine a mug where you could write loving messages on whenever you felt like surprising your loved one. These chalkboard mugs are worth the effort and they will remind him/her of you every time they enjoy their tea or coffee. Follow this tutorial.

12) Build a Valentine’s Day vignette.

This vignette can be filled with nearly anything that symbolizes your love. Maybe include something from your first dates or an anniversary gift that is extra special. Get some inspiration for making your happy heart day vignette.

13) Surprise them with heart shaped tea bags.

Make their cup of tea extra special with DIY heart shaped tea bags. Fill tea filters with their favorite tea and stitch together for a special handmade gift. Follow this tutorial.

14) Create DIY heart magnets.

These DIY heart magnets are not only great for your Valentine but also great for your kids. The fridge is a family’s bulletin board to hold up those school projects, appointments, or to-do lists with adorable heart magnets. Follow this tutorial.

15) Make a beaded charm bracelet.

Charm bracelets are very popular and what separates this from the others is that it’s homemade and from your heart. Follow this tutorial.

16) Assemble “Bee My Valentine” lip balm sachets.

Nobody wants dry, chapped lips on Valentine’s Day; therefore, create a pretty sachet of lip balms. This is super simple to make and makes a great gift for your chapstick-loving friends. Follow this tutorial.

17) Create DIY leather conversation hearts.

These leather conversation hearts are perfect for necklaces, key chains, key fobs, or attach them to anything else you think of. All you need are pre-cut leather hearts, a leather stamping kit, and your imagination! Follow this tutorial.

18) Give Valentine’s Day bookmark albums.

This is much more than a custom bookmark, it’s also a folding album where you could write special notes or photos. If your significant other loves reading books, he/she is going to treasure this! Follow this tutorial.

19) Give your loved one a jar filled with 10 things you love about them.

This jar is filled with reasons why you love them. It’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and it shows them how much you care. Follow this tutorial and if you like this idea, a 365 jar is also a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

20) Build a food bouquet.

27 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts - Build a food bouquet.

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Flowers and chocolate are the usual suspects but give your loved one the best of both worlds. Fill a flower vase with all their favorite treats secured to skewers and fill with tissue paper that you use for gift bags. Finish it off with a giant bow and voila! If you like this idea, you have to scroll down to #27! 🙂

21) Make a “reasons why I love you” jar.

Tell your loved one you love them with a gift that keeps on giving. You are only limited by your imagination as this jar could be filled with date ideas, coupons for a massage, foot rub or other “special favors”, or simply reasons why you love him/her. Follow this tutorial.

22) DIY candle with carved initials.

This candle with carved initials makes such a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. Your significant other will love the thoughtfulness of carving both your initials in a lovely candle. Follow this tutorial.

23) Make a heart table runner quilt.

Sure you can purchase heart quilts but if you can sew, nothing is more heartfelt than making it yourself. This quilted table runner is perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to show your love. Buy the pattern and view the video tutorial to make it yourself.

24) Surprise your Valentine with DIY balloon chandelier Valentine’s Day gifts.

What better way to relive all those special moments you’ve shared together. Display those memories with a balloon chandelier that doesn’t take long to make but will make your Valentine’s heart smile. Follow this tutorial.

25) Make DIY Valentine logs.

Many of us have carved initials into a tree and this gift is even better. Turn a wooden log into an attractive tea candle holder with this easy tutorial. This is so pretty you may just want to leave it on display all year round!

26) Create Valentine’s Day puzzles.

Making puzzles is a great time to spend with loved ones and this DIY puzzle could be as simple or as complicated as you want by adding more tiles. Design it yourself and include as many secret messages as you like! Follow this tutorial.

27) The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift.

Any of these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to make Valentine’s Day extra special for you and your Valentine. Please share these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts with your friends and family.

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