A Girl Practices Her Flute. Now Watch What the Dog Does…Hilarious!

Dog Doesn't Appreciate Talent of Young Girl Playing the Flute.

Dogs are very particular about their music. When they like something, they’ll let you know like when a dog began singing with his owner in the car. But when a young girl begins to practice playing her flute, her Golden Retriever lets her know what he thinks of her talent.

Maybe it’s because this Golden Retriever wanted to sleep or just wasn’t a fan of the flute; however, the young girl certainly enjoyed his reaction. Every time she started playing her flute, he had her giggling with his hilarious reaction.

Watch this dog that doesn’t appreciate talent when he hears it…


This dog certainly didn’t like the sound of a flute, but at least it wasn’t a drum set! Please share the hilarious reaction of a dog when he hears a young girl playing the flute with your friends and family.

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