This 365 Day Jar Is a Homemade Gift That Truly Does Keep on Giving the Whole Year

'365 Jar' DYI Gift Truly Does Keep on Giving the Whole Year.

Forget the Jelly of the Month Club, this 365 Jar from Imgur user KeepClamAndCarryPrawn is the ultimate gift for your loved one. It truly does keep on giving the whole year and every day is a new surprise waiting in the jar.

The jar contains 365 notes and the sky is the limit for what the notes can contain. They can be a mixture of memories, special song lyrics or quotes you both share, reasons why you love him/her, pictures, or even coupons for massages or special gifts.

The ‘365 Jar’ contains 365 notes with memories, uplifting quotes, photos, and personal gifts. Creativity is key and the possibilities are endless.

Create categories along with special instructions on how to use the notes and paste it on the side or back of the jar.

Every morning, your loved one picks out a note that makes their day.

First, start off with a large Mason jar. Preferably a half-gallon jar to fit in all those notes.

Choose a minimum of 3 colors for the note colors. If you have more categories, just add a corresponding color for each category.

Keep track of how many notes you have and their corresponding categories.

230 notes completed. Only 135 more to do 🙂

Here is a side-view and it looks fantastic! This is a handmade gift straight from the heart and your loved one will love you for it.

A special thanks to imgur user keepclamandcarryprawn who came up with this brilliant idea. He constructed this one for his girlfriend of 8 years. She’s a lucky lady!

Here is a special suggestion from me. For anyone looking for ideas for a special marriage proposal, include 364 notes but when he/she asks where the last note is, put it in a ring box (with a ring of course!) or sneak in the last note as an invitation to dinner or special location (where you end up proposing).

Please share this very creative homemade gift of 365 notes in a jar with your friends and family.

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