She Cut Her Old Bra With Scissors and Now It Looks Great With a Backless Dress!

Make DIY Backless Bra from Old Bra Video Tutorial by Ray Lee.

Backless dresses are the perfect dress for a warm summer outing. But why spend money on backless bras when you can turn any old bra into a backless bra? This video tutorial by YouTuber Ray Lee shows us how to transform any bra into a DIY backless bra.

All you need are a few supplies like sewing pins, a needle, some thread and a sharp pair of scissors to trim away the strap from an old bra. This step-by-step tutorial will help you upcycle old bras into an undergarment you can wear again and again with any low back outfits.

Watch how to make a DIY backless bra!


This video tutorial demonstrating how to make a backless bra looks easy even if you’re not an expert at sewing. If case you missed it, here is another great video tutorial for making a DIY sports bra out of men’s underwear!

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How to Turn Any Bra Into a DIY Backless Bra.

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