Little Girl’s Reaction When Meeting a Robot Is Priceless. Just Don’t Tell Her It’s an Old Water Heater.

Little Girl Rayna Meets Her First Water Heater "Robot."

Ever since robots hit the TV screen in cartoons like ‘The Jetsons’ or in movies like ‘Star Wars,’ kids have been fascinated by them. We live in an age where robots are now possible and even this dog loves to play fetch with his robot. With every passing year, robotic engineers are getting closer and closer to building robots that can walk, run, and even think as logically as humans.

Children LOVE robots. When a little girl named Rayna saw what she thought was a robot, her reaction is priceless. It’s actually an abandoned water heater but it resembles a robot and Rayna just loves it. She waves to it and even says “hi, robot!” Even when the water heater “robot” doesn’t say a word, she isn’t deterred. She walks up to and gives the robot a huge hug before saying “I love you, robot!”

Watch Rayna’s adorable reaction as she meets a “robot”…


With what appears like huge googly eyes and a large metal body, I could see how little Rayna could mistake this water heater for a robot. Please share this adorable moment when a little girl thinks she’s meeting a robot with your friends and family.

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