This Little Girl Wasn’t Very Pleased with Her First Day at Preschool. Especially When THIS Happened!

Mila Explains Her First Day of Preschool from a 2-Year-Old's Point of View.

Going to school for the first time isn’t easy but kids are resilient and eventually love going to school and making new friends. But this adorable two-year-old named Mila isn’t so sure. Her mother signed her up for preschool and after her first day, she sure had a lot to say!

Mila and Emma Stauffer, twin sisters from Arizona, often take to YouTube to vent and their reactions are hilarious! Thankfully, their mother Katie Stauffer is there to capture it all on video. When sassy little Mila gets home from school, she quickly explains to her mom that her first day was a disaster but she took care of it in the cutest way. Just like this little girl dressed up as Supergirl for her school photo, Mila is super adorable in her princess gown while she vents!

Watch sassy little Mila explain her first day of preschool from a two-year-old’s point of view…


When Mila tells her mom that kids were throwing staplers and pooping everywhere, I almost died laughing. Please share this cute little girl Mila explaining her first day at preschool with your friends and family.

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