This Sensual Duo Began Dancing and I Couldn’t Stop Watching. Their Dance Routine Is Simply Incredible!

Duo MainTenanT Perform an Incredibly Mesmerizing Dance.

One of my favorite dance videos has always been Patrick Swayze and his wife dancing at the World Music Awards because they were graceful and elegant. After viewing this mesmerizing and sensual dance routine from Duo MainTenanT, it may become a new favorite.

This amazing dance duo is comprised of Nicolas Besnard, a professional dancer, and Shenea Booth, an acrobat gymnast, and they are based in Europe. Their dance routine is simply incredible. Just when you think it can’t get any better, they kick it up a notch and leave you in awe.

Watch this beautiful mesmerizing dance by Duo MainTenanT…


Together, they have the perfect blend of artistic dancing mixed with incredible acrobatic routines.

Some of our favorite YouTube comments from this beautiful mesmerizing performance by Duo MainTenantT:

  1. “How even is that possible, I can’t even give someone a proper high five.” by koolkat741
  2. “Amazing! The most beautiful dance routine ever. So complex, difficult yet they managed to be so graceful. I can not imagine the hard work and training to achieve skills to perform this routine. Bravo! Totally Mesmerizing!” by Blaine Alison Clark

On the July 9, 2019, episode of America’s Got Talent, the acrobatic duo wowed the AGT judges with a sensual performance that made their jaw drop. Performing to Bishop Briggs‘ “Never Tears Us Apart,” their audition was so good, they received a standing ovation from the audience!

Watch Duo MainTenanT’s sexy audition that excited the AGT judges!


The four judges all gave ‘yes’ votes and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of them on America’s Got Talent.

Some of our favorite YouTube comments from the sexy AGT audition by Duo MainTenantT:

  1. “This is definitely golden buzzer worthy. They should stop giving them to child singers and singers in general. This was amazing.” by L m
  2. “These kinds of acts never cease to amaze me. The amount of strength, body control, and trust in your partner that goes into these is incredible to witness.” by Philip Marsh

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