Little Girl Joins in on Her Big Sister’s Cheer Solo and It’s Priceless

Little Girl Joins in on Her Big Sister's Cheer Solo and It's Priceless.

If you have siblings, there may be moments where you wish you were an only child but having siblings is a blessing! If you have older siblings, they may act a little bossy. On the other hand, you may have younger siblings, and they’ll look up to you most of the time! But one thing is for sure. Siblings will always love you and be there for you in good times or bad. Some things in life will only make sense if you grew up with siblings.

The following two sisters have a very special bond. The older sister is practicing her senior cheer solo and her baby sister wants to be just like her. In fact, her baby sister may have learned her big sister’s dance moves! During her cheer performance, her little sister gets up and together they perform a heartwarming cheer routine. Talk about siblings goals!

Watch this priceless moment when a little girl joins in on her big sister’s cheer solo…


In the end, they give each other the biggest hug ever! You can bet this little one will have a role model for life and grow up to be just like her big sister. Please share this heartwarming cheer solo routine by two amazing sisters with your friends and family.

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