This French Bulldog Says 3 Words That Warms Her Owner’s Heart

French Bulldog Dog Says "I Love You" and Warms Her Owners Heart.

Imagine a world where pets could talk. They could tell you if they were hungry, tired, or sad or even tell you that they love you. When this cat steals the dog bed of an adorable French Bulldog, I’m sure the dog would have had a lot to say if it could talk!

This adorable little French Bulldog surprised her owner when she told her dog she loved her. The little pooch reciprocated by saying that she loved her too! If you listen closely, you could make out the words that she is trying to say and it is simply too cute.

Watch as this talking dog says “I love you”…


Even if animals can’t fully talk, we can usually tell how they are feeling by their body language or behavior. Pets are awesome and please share this adorable moment as a dog says “I love you” with your pet-loving friends.

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