Lion Cub Gives His Best Roar but the Sound He Makes Instead Is the Cutest!

Lion cubs are incredibly cute but they can sometimes get themselves in trouble in the wild. Unlike this lion cub hanging for dear life on the side of a cliff, one tiny lion cub was in the safety of animal handlers when he let out his first roar.

Lion Cub Gives His Best Roar and Makes the Cutest Sound Instead.

He was a part of the third pair of cubs born to the pride that year. Unfortunately, his sister died shortly after their birth.  Cubs are sometimes separated from their mother after birth to monitor their growth, health, and development. It also provides an opportunity for them to get comfortable around handlers. When his handlers ask him to roar in this video, this little lion cub gives the cutest roar ever!

Watch this cute lion cub deliver his best roar…


He was eventually reunited with his mother and the rest of the lions and he’ll grow up to a mighty Lion one day.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Lion Cub Gives Us His Best Roar” by Rachel Kane:

  1. “The humans’ reaction is how the hyenas felt when Simba first tried roaring lol” – Abdussaboor Muhammad
  2. “Cub: roars. Humans: ‘aww so cute!’ Cub: ‘you weren’t supposed to do that.'” – UwU
  3. “He’s trying his best guys. C’mon.” – Capacity Studios
  4. “This is fake, Simba can talk.” – Devil never cries
  5. “Lion cub: *cute roar*. The people: aww. 10 years later Lion: *roar*. People: shi-.” – Ni free
  6. “Dad: ‘Does Roar’ [Everyone Goes Scared] Cub: ‘Does Roar’ [Everyone Goes AwWw] Cub: ‘aight, dads hacking.'” – ๏ςเԀ ıȏṅ
  7. “Lion cub: tries to roar. Humans: die of cuteness overload. Lion cub: not exactly how I wanted to kill my first prey, but at least it worked.” – Harini M
  8. “Everyone is a gangsta till the lion becomes an adult.” – Sonu Nath
  9. “Lion: ‘I am the epitome of your fears. Hear my roar!’ Human: ‘Aw he squeaks. So cute.'” – YonderGrunt

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