Watching This Adorable Lion Cub Trying to Roar Will Be the Best Part of Your Day!

Cute Lion Cub Tries His Best To Roar But Squeaks Instead.

Every lion has to start somewhere and even a menacing growl doesn’t come automatically. Just like this tiny kitten trying to meow, this little lion cub is trying his best to growl and it is so cute!

When this tiny lion cub tries his best at making a terrifying howl, what comes out instead is a cute squeak. This little Simba will grow up to be a majestic lion someday but for now, his tiny roar will make anyone smile!

Watch this little lion cub give out the littlest roar…


A year from now, his roar will definitely strike fear instead of laughter but he is so cute! Please share this adorable lion cub trying his best to belt out a big roar with your friends and family.

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