21 Cat Logic Pictures That Prove We Will Never Understand Cats. #11 Is so True.

We love our cats but sometimes we often scratch our heads by some of the weird things they do. Just like this epic cat door fail, cat logic is something we will never understand.

While one minute they are showing their love by cuddling up next you, the next minute they have you reaching for the first-aid kit if you get too close! The way cats think and act is even more confusing to people who don’t own cats but their sometimes quirky behavior is just one of the reasons why we love them so much.

1) Sure, it’s the box 🙂

“I haven’t gained weight. The box shrunk.”


2) Food always tastes better if it’s not ours.

“Cat logic.”


3) Technically, he did listen.

“Don’t sit on the keyboard? OK.”


4) Cats have their own definition of “empty.”

“I whine when my food bowl is “empty.” And I keep whining until mom comes over and shakes it and magically makes it full again. I love her.”


5) Clever girl.

“I want to sleep on the keyboard but no one is using the computer.”


6) FURniture…of course!

“Yes, I know I got hair all over the couch…it’s called FURniture isn’t it?”


7) Looking cute nearly always works.

“If I just keep looking cute, they’ll surely blame the dog.”


8) A good day indeed.

“Had to puke and was on the hardwood floor but made it to the carpet on time. Today was a good day.”


9) Nice try, cat.

“What my cat thinks he looks like when he’s hiding. What he actually looks like.”


10) Must…get…heat.



11) Cats will sleep anywhere.

“It’s a cat thing. You wouldn’t understand.”


12) Just look at those sad eyes.

“Could you please let me in? I need to get inside because I have to immediately get out again!”


13) This cat needs less caffeine.

“I need to run as fast as I can to a randomly selected other room.”


14) Yeah, that sounds about right.

“I want you to pet me. But only exactly 3 times. Then I’ll bite.”


15) If it fits, I sits.

“I don’t want the toys that came in the box. I want the box.”


16) I’d be afraid of looking behind the couch.

21 Cat Logic Photos - I'd be afraid of looking behind the couch.

cheezburger / mamawalker

“Thanks! It’s just what I wanted! I’m just gonna go hide it with the other 312 you got for me so you’ll have to go buy another one!”


17) Two words: cat logic.

“Cat logic.”


18) Nailed it?

“I can see no way in which this carefully laid plan could ever fail.”


19) She has a point.

“It’s mine. Has my name on it.”


20) Just like clockwork.

“Don’t sit on his lap now Carl. Wait until he is wearing all black.”


21) Like I couldn’t have predicted that one.

“Rise and shine! On second thought…”

Cats will be cats and that’s why we love them. Please share these hilarious and quirky cat logic photos with your friends and family.

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