He Started Scratching the Horse’s Neck and His Reaction Had Everyone Laughing

Levi the Horse Getting a Neck Scratching He Simply Loves.

Horses love getting attention just like everybody else but once his new friend Tom scratches his neck, he just won’t let him go. Levi’s owner Janelle invited her brother-in-law Tom to meet Levi for the first time and they quickly become the best of friends.

Just like this seal that loves getting a belly rub, Levi loves getting his neck scratched so much that every time Tom is about to leave, he tries to pull him back in. Janelle has a beautiful horse and his reaction when getting his neck scratched is adorable.


H/t: FaithTap

Getting a massage always feel great and Levi shows us that animals love having them too. Please share the adorable reaction of Levi the horse when getting his neck scratched with your friends and family.

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