This Adorable Seal Only Wants One Thing from This Diver…a Belly Rub

Divers can never expect what they are about to experience when they dive into the ocean. Whether it is saving a giant manta ray tangled in fishing line or finding treasure on the ocean floor, the ocean is full of surprises but this next diver found cuteness on his dive.

Seals are often referred to ‘dogs of the sea’ and it couldn’t be more fitting because they are incredible cute just like dogs. While diving in the Scilly Isles, videographer Gary Grayson began rubbing a wild seal’s belly and when he did, the seal turned over and begged for more because he just loves it!


Seals are awesome and watching this seal enjoying a belly rub just made my day. Please share this adorable seal getting a belly rub with your friends and family.

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