A Little 3-Year-Old Girl Asked Her Dog to Do THIS and It Will Warm Your Heart

Little 3-year-old girl teaches her dog Gauge some tricks.

As a kid, I loved having a dog. It helped me learn to be responsible and dogs are always by your side and great with kids. A little 3-year-old girl named Hadley is having fun playing with her dog Gauge.

Gauge loves treats and Hadley adorably teaches him some dog tricks and rewards him with a tasty treat when he learns to give his paw. Watch how these two are having a great time together. Her parents should be proud of Hadley for training her dog with positive reinforcement by giving him a treat.

Watch this little girl adorably train her puppy…


These two are already the best of friends and Hadley and her parents can look forward to having many enjoyable moments like these. Please share this adorable little girl teaching her dog Gauge some tricks with your friends and family.

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