Her Dog Had a Pacifier in His Mouth. Dog’s Reaction When She Tries to Take It? OMG, Too Funny!

Max the Dog Refuses to Give up His Pacifier.

No matter how big our dogs get, they’re always going to be our little babies; however, some adult dogs still think they are small babies! Unlike these tiny baby animals, Max the dog is all grown up but when he found a pacifier, he probably felt like a young puppy again.

When his mommy tries to take it away from him, he hilariously prevents her from taking it away. His reaction is adorable and will have you laughing every time she tries to take away his pacifier.

Watch this hilarious dog refuse to give up the pacifier…


Max the dog is so cute and I don’t think his human will have any luck taking his pacifier away from him anytime soon. Please share this adorable dog who refuses to give up his pacifier with your friends and family.

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