10 Realism Artists Will Astound You With Unbelievably Photorealistic Paintings

The ability to take a photograph and transform it into a realistic piece of art with a brush or even a pencil requires a tremendous amount of skill. These 25 photorealistic art paintings are jaw-dropping because you can’t distinguish whether it’s a painting or reality.

Ten realism artists have impressed me even more with their ability to use artistic tools to create unbelievable works of art. Here are 10 paintings or drawings that look like photographs.

1) Pedro Campos – Oil on canvas.


2) Raphaella Spence – Oil on canvas.


3) Vincent Fantauzzo – Oil on Canvas

This painting of Heath Ledger was made only weeks before the actor’s death.


4) Roberto Bernardi – Oil on canvas.


5) Yigal Ozeri – Oil on canvas.


6) Ruth Tyson – Pencil and paper.

A striking drawing of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne that took over 200 hours to draw.


7) Taner Ceylan – Oil on canvas.


8) Andrew Talbot – Oil on board.


9) Matthew Cornell – Oil on wood.


10) Richard Estes – Oil on canvas.

H/t: Bright Side

It doesn’t matter what medium these talented realism artists use, they create masterpieces that leave you in awe. Please share these realism art drawings and paintings with your friends and family.

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