Lion Cub Hangs On for Dear Life to the Side of a Cliff

A young lion cub unwillingly finds its way down a vertical cliff and immediately cries out for help. As a group of lionesses arrives, motherly instinct kicks in and his mother takes quick action to save her little cub.

A wildlife photographer was on the scene and captured the dramatic rescue.

A lioness looks worried as a young lion cub is struggling to climb back up after sliding off the edge of a cliff.

Other lionesses attempt to help but only his mother will risk her life to save her cub. A mother’s bond is stronger than anything.

His mother carefully crawls down the cliff and makes her way to the young one.

She locks him in her jaw and makes her way to the top of the cliff. Mommy to the rescue!

Both are happy that it’s over and the lioness licks his forehead to let her young son know everything is alright.

H/t: Daily Mail

What animals do every day to ensure their young are safe is astonishing and this is just one astonishing example. Next time you see your mom, give her a hug and say thanks for all of the times she may have protected you.

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