Oh Deer, This Is so Cute You’ll Explode With Happiness

A cat owner in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania would notice that their cat would wander outside almost every morning.

Out of curiosity, the owner decided to follow the cat one morning and found that their cat befriended a deer who would visit their cat every morning to play.

Surprisingly, this sweet little deer shows up every morning to play with this cuddly cat.


A little back scratch and massage.


Deer seems to love it.


What’s a visit without a little cat hijinx! They sure seem to enjoy each others company.


Friendships come in all shapes and sizes.

Via Reddit

When a deer visits cats you know that they enjoy each other’s company and the fact that he does this every morning warms my heart. Please share this adorable deer visiting a cat every morning with your friends and show them you care. Friends are forever.

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