Woman Writes What Happens to Her While Shopping at Kroger’s and It Goes Viral

We all have our favorite stores to shop at but how satisfied we are really depends on the employees. If an employee is helpful and courteous, that customer service will make an impact on us. In return, we’ll be more than happy to shop there again and again.

When Jeannettea Hollingshead‎ and her grandmother walked into a Krogers supermarket in Athens, Ohio, she didn’t expect her grandmother would be getting a special gift. She asked the cashier for a birthday cake for her grandmother who was celebrating her 90th birthday. Then, the cashier asked her to wait and walked away.

When he came back shortly after, he had a rose that he purchased and wanted her grandmother to have it. Jeannettea Hollingshead was so moved by his actions that she posted what happened on Facebook and it went viral for all the right reasons.

Kroger cashier surprises this 90-year-old birthday girl with a beautiful rose.

Kroger cashier surprises this 90-year-old birthday girl and her niece, Jeannettea Hollingshead‎, with a beautiful rose.
Facebook / Jeannettea Hollingshead‎

Kroger, today (1/4/17) was Gramma’s 90th birthday. I was in the Athens, Ohio, store this afternoon buying a cake for her and talking with the friendly cashier. He asked about the cake, and when I told him about Gramma, he exclaimed, “Wait right here just a minute please!” and walked away. He came back a minute later with a rose he’d purchased at the flower stand and asked me to give it to her to help her celebrate. Instead, I asked him to give it to her because she was there with me, and I snapped this picture! This young man, Wes, went above and beyond, and his act of kindness really made Gramma’s day. I hope this message gets to you, and I hope someone at corporate recognizes him for this! It was just too sweet!

That was such a sweet thing to do and it made her special day even better. Please share this caring Kroger employee surprising this 90-year-old birthday girl with a free rose with your friends and family.

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