Her Dog Was Away for 10 Days but When He Came Back Home, You Won’t Believe What the Cat Does

Cat Hugs Dog After Being Away for 10 Days but Gets Big Hug From Cat Upon Arriving.

Cats and dogs can be so unpredictable when it comes to how they relate to each other. But for Bow-Z the dog, he got some unexpected love from Jasper the cat when he arrived home.

Bow-Z was away for 10 days and Jasper must have missed him because as soon as he enters the door, she can’t get enough of him. Even as he tries to walk away, she lets him know how much he was missed…awww!!

Cat hugs dog as she misses him after being apart for 10 days…


That was so heartwarming and if you liked those hugs, here are loveable cats and dogs napping together! Please share this cute video of Bow-Z and Jasper’s PDAs with your friends and family.

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