She Spread the Ashes of Her Loving Dog in a Doggy Park. Then I Looked at Her Photo…OMG!

"Angel Dog" Seen When Owner Spreads Her Ashes in a Park.

Ashley Lang of Chicago, Illinois, loved her Golden Retriever very much but when her 12-year-old friend passed away, she wanted to create a fitting tribute by spreading her ashes across the doggie park she enjoyed so much.

But when she did so, an amazing thing happened. As she was spreading her ashes in the park, her friend took a picture and what appeared in the picture is a silhouette of a dog leaping up at Ashley.

Her picture was posted on Twitter and Facebook.

The image has been appropriately called ‘Angel Dog’ on social media.


What an amazing tribute and an even more amazing photo! Please share this beautiful photo that contains a silhouette of a dog leaping through the air with your friends and family.

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