Chendra the Elephant Befriends Gus the Sea Lion at the Oregon Zoo and It Is Adorable!

I love elephants because they are incredibly smart. They are also thoughtful and caring animals like this moment when elephants rushed to greet a new rescued baby elephant.

Chendra is the smallest Asian elephant at the Oregon Zoo but her heart may be the biggest. When zookeepers brought Chendra for her morning walk to visit the other animals in the zoo, Gus the sea lion swam to meet her. She obviously was glad to see him because she had a huge grin and stuck out her trunk to greet him.

Chendra the elephant greets Gus the sea lion at the Oregon Zoo…

Huffington Post

H/t: Huffington Post

While the elephants no longer take morning strolls according to an Oregon Zoo spokesperson, it still was great that Chendra was able to make a new friend. Please share this sweet photo of Chendra the elephant making friends with Gus the sea lion with your friends and family.

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