Homeless and Injured Poodle Gets Rescued and Her Reaction Will Make You Cry

It is so sad to see any homeless dog but to see them in pain also is even more heartbreaking. This poodle’s story is one of hope and perseverance. Layla the Poodle was hit by a car and Annie Hart fromĀ Rescue From The Hart received an urgent call that the dog was in a South Los Angeles neighborhood. Along with Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws, they rushed out to see if they could find her.

Homeless and Injured Poodle Gets a Heartwarming Rescue.

They found Layla alone on the side of the road. They both could see she was scared and in pain. When she approached Layla, the dog sensed she was being saved. She showed her appreciation for the rescuer and it immediately brought her (and me) to tears.

Watch Saving Layla, a homeless poodle that brought a rescuer to tears…


I applaud rescue centers as they have helped so many dogs get a second chance at life. These organizations, like Rescue From The Hart and Hope For Paws, work tirelessly to rescue animals from dangerous situations, provide medical care, and find them loving forever homes.

Sadly, there are countless animals like Layla who are in need of help. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters each year. Of those, 3.3 million are dogs.

While the work of rescue centers is incredibly important, it’s also essential to address the root causes of animal homelessness. Spaying and neutering pets, promoting adoption, and supporting animal welfare legislation are all critical steps toward reducing the number of animals in shelters. Thankfully, the work of organizations like Rescue From The Hart and Hope For Paws has made a significant impact.

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