Social Campaign Encourages People to ‘Shovel It Forward’ and Brighten up Someone’s Day

With record snowfalls in many parts of North America and record-freezing temperatures, some people would love a little help this season. Canadian Tire, a popular retail company in Canada recently launched a social campaign called ‘Shovel It Forward’. It encourages everyone to perform acts of kindness this winter. Something thoughtful like shoveling a neighbor’s driveway has been gaining popularity since its launch.

Social Campaign Encourages People to 'Shovel It Forward'.

We feel great when helping others and many people like seniors often would appreciate help when clearing out their driveways. As more people help out the community, it inspires confidence in everyone.

Watch this Canadian Tire campaign entitled, “Shovel It Forward”…


Shoveling can be a strenuous task for older individuals. Firefighters from the Greenfield Fire Department in Greenfield, Wisconsin showed their dedication to the community by going beyond their call of duty. After responding to a call where a man had a cardiac emergency as he was shoveling, they shoveled his entire driveway once the man was transported to the hospital successfully.

This heartwarming act of kindness by the Greenfield firefighters was an inspiration to many people. Canadian Tire, recognized their efforts and decided to show their appreciation by sending 20 branded snow shovels to the staff at the Greenfield Fire Department.

Acts of kindness like these can have a significant impact on people’s lives, and they can inspire others to perform similar acts. It’s essential to help out our neighbors during extreme weather conditions, especially those who are older or have health problems. Even a small act of kindness like shoveling someone’s driveway can make a significant difference in their lives.



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