His Parents Abandoned Him but When His Adoptive Sister Said THIS, It Left Me in Tears

Sister Describes the Love For Her Brother with Down-Syndrome.

When a little baby boy was born with Down Syndrome in Bulgaria, his family told the hospital that they didn’t want him. It wasn’t until he was 7 years old that he would be adopted by a family. That caring family would love him like he was one of their own kids.

Lisa Eicher and her husband also have a 5-year-old girl named Ace. They recorded a video of her expressing what her brother meant to her. What she ends up saying is one of the most touching things ever! Because she lets us know that her brother means so much to her.

Watch Ace introduce her brother Archie who has Down Syndrome. You’ll fall in love with both of them…


Ace and Archie were meant for each other. They will take care of each other as they grow up with their beautiful and caring parents. Just like this teenage model with Down Syndrome, Archie will be able to fulfill any dream he desires in life and his sister will be cheering him along the way.

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