She Told the Magician That Her Parents Are Both on Deployment. His Magic Trick Will Bring You Tears of Joy.

Army Soldiers Surprise Their Daughter at a School Magic Show.

Being on deployment is never easy for military parents and their families; however, their commitment to keeping our country safe is why they deserve all of our support.¬†Julia and Brian Woodburn are proud to serve in the US Army but they miss being away from their adorable daughter¬†Addison and I’m sure she misses them very much as well.

But Addison received a beautiful surprise at a magic show at Gilbert Jr. High School in Louisiana. When magician Nathan Roberts asked her to wave to her parents in the audience, little Addison told him that they were on deployment. What the magician did next brought joy to her and her family.

Watch as Army soldiers surprise their daughter at the school magic show!


It’s always heartwarming to see soldiers coming home and her parents provided their little girl with a surprise she’ll remember forever. I can just imagine her surprise as she saw her parents for the first time in a long time. The videographer was also touched by the event and said, “These are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and it was an amazing experience to film this. Truly emotional. Thank you, Brian and Julia, for your service, and welcome home!”

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