Five Soldiers Unite Together to Sing ‘Coming Home’ and It Is Incredibly Inspiring

Five Amazing Soldiers Sing 'Coming Home' United Together.

Whenever you hear that a solider is coming home, there is always a sense of relief. It’s because he/she is back home with their families and returned safely. A UK singing group named ‘The Soldiers’ know that feeling. They are all serving soldiers and the three members serve with the British Army.

For this version of ‘Coming Home’, the singing group unite with two US Sergeants and dedicate the amazing song to all the men and women in the world serving their countries. The song is especially dedicated to all their loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Watch singing group The Soldiers sing ‘Coming Home’…


The reason we live in freedom is because of the incredible work our soldiers do for our country. Just like this saluting boy on Omaha Beach, the song is also meant to remember fallen soldiers that unfortunately never made it home.

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