Nobody Would Expect Steven Tyler to Release a Country Song but He Did and It Sounds Amazing

'Love Is Your Name' Is Steven Tyler's FIrst Country Single.

Steven Tyler loves his fans but I’m sure many of them were surprised when they heard the news that he released a country single. Tyler, a 67-year-old rock legend, has been an incredibly part of Aerosmith and continues to be but like many musicians, he wanted to stretch his abilities and he has always been a fan of country according to media interviews.

‘Love is your Name’ is the name of Tyler’s first country song and it features Tyler’s trademark vocals but you can also hear influences of Mumford & Sons and the Everly Brothers. The song was written by Eric Paslay and Lindsey Lee and so far as reached over 7 millions views on VEVO.


If you love Aerosmith, they are touring until August 2015 and Tyler is expected to return to the studio to complete is solo album in late 2015. Please share this new country single by Steven Tyler with your friends and family.

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