He Asked Billy Joel If He Could Join Him on Stage. What He Did Next Blew Me Away!

Billy Joel Invites Student Michael Pollack to Join Him on Stage.

If you play music or act, you most likely have one or more idols that you look up to. Dolly Parton sang a duet with a boy with Down syndrome because he was such a fan and he will remember that day forever.

Micheal Pollack, a Vanderbilt University freshman, is a talented piano player and he aspires to be Billy Joel. Mr. Joel has and continues to inspire so many people to play the piano and/or sing and at a recent Q&A session at Pollack’s school, the young musician asked if he could play one of Billy Joel’s biggest hits, “New York State of Mind” with him. Billy Joel said yes and I’m sure he was happy that he did, it was an incredible impromptu performance!

Watch Billy Joel sing “New York State of Mind” with one of his fans playing on the piano…


Here are some of my favorite YouTube comments from this video, “Billy Joel shares stage with Vanderbilt student” by 333shouichi

  1. “When Billy Joel sez “You got Chops “ you got talent. Talent recognizes talent!!!!” – Bruce Anderson
  2. “That son will be in the memory banks until death.” – Joe Joe TV Yo
  3. “Only a true star realizes they can share the spotlight and still shine just as bright.” – Joseph H
  4. “I’m so glad the kid did well. Many would get up there, and get a bit fancy, and then screw up. This one hit the nail. Great. I wish him well.” – John Smith
  5. “You gotta love Mr. Joel for giving this student a shot…” – Thomas Norman

It must have taken a lot of courage to ask one of your idols if you can play music with them on stage but he did! Way to go Michael! Please share this incredible performance by Billy Joel and Michael Pollack with your friends and family.

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