Cowboys Herding Cats May Just Be the Funniest Commercial You Will Ever See

Cowboys Herding Cats Commercial Is Still One of My All-Time Favorites.

Some commercials stand the test of time better than others but the ones that do, become mainstream classics. Commercials for dog and cat lovers or even banned TV commercials are always a hit, especially during the Super Bowl.

The following commercial featuring cowboys herding cats may just become one of your new favorites. Actually, the commercial was shown for the first time on January 30, 2000, during Super Bowl XXXIV; however, nearly 18 years later, it is still a hit and many people have never seen it at all!

Watch this hilarious commercial featuring cowboys herding cats…


The commercial was created by Fallon for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and was meant to portray the types of problems that EDS solves is just as complex as herding cats. Please share this hilarious commercial featuring cowboys herding cats with your friends and family.

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