Coffee Shop Owner Is Tired of Rude Customers So He Put up THIS Sign. Awesome!

Coffee Shop Owner Is Tired of Rude Customers So He Put Up This Sign.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know that some people are just plain rude. A CUPS Coffee & Tea worker in Roanoke, VA was tired of being treated like an object instead of a person and decided to do something about it.

He placed a sign outside the coffee shop and based his coffee prices on how polite the customer is when ordering. The price is $5 if you’re impolite and $1.50 if you take the time to be courteous with the coffee shop worker.

CUPS Coffee & Tea Barista Austin Simms grew tired of rude customers and placed this sign outside his coffee shop.

Watch how a CUPS Coffee & Tea worker went viral because of a sign he placed outside his shop to teach rude customers a lesson…


Even restaurant servers can have a bad day but generally, restaurant servers are always friendly; therefore, shouldn’t customers be friendly as well? Please share this excellent idea by a coffee shop worker to provide an monetary incentive for customers to be friendly with your friends and family.

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