Mom Sings to Her Baby ‘I Love You.’ Her Baby’s Comeback Will Have You Smiling!

Baby Sings I Love You' and Her Mother Sings Back to Her.

Any new parent can’t wait to hear their baby say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ and when they do, it just warms your heart. How to get your baby to say their first words takes time and patience and sometimes even the family dog will want to say ‘mama’ too!

When this mother sings to her 15-month-old baby ‘I love you,’ she gets the surprise of her life. Not only does her baby repeat what she says but sings with the same pitch and adds the little yodel near the end.

Watch this mother sing ‘I love you’ to her 15-month-old baby girl…


Watching a mother bond with her little girl is such a beautiful thing to witness. Please share this beautiful moment when a baby sings back ‘I love you’ to her mother with your friends and family.

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