This Cartoonist Turns Used Coffee Cups into Works of Arts. And They’re Hilarious.

When most people go to Starbucks, they tend to throw away the cup after they’ve enjoyed their drink but cartoonist Josh Hara decided to do something creative. Starbucks cups are Hara’s canvas where he creates timely pop culture references or just a hilarious mini comic strip.

He has a goal of creating a 100 Starbucks cup drawings and posts them to his Twitter account with the hashtag #100CoffeeCups. His personal Starbucks cup drawings can also be seen on his Instagram account and each has a unique personality. Enjoy 30 of our favorite Starbucks cup drawings by Josh Hara while you’re sipping on your favorite drink.

1) This neck is such bullshit right now.

2) Nicki Minaj’s underwear.

“Happy Birthday John Venn!”

3) How to get fired from Starbucks, probably.

“I’d like a tall blonde.” “Who wouldn’t!? Am I right?! Up top!”

4) Swim with Dolphins.

“Swim with fat Americans.”

5) Don’t “Say Anything” until I drink this.

“Or I’ll punch you…in your eyes, in your eyes, in your eyyyyes.”

6) Must. Save. Children. From. Obesity.

7) Dogs don’t drink coffee which is why they rarely get anything done.

“I am so underwater right now.”

8) A donut is the best way to extinguish the flames of your sadness for 10 seconds.

“I am a tissue for the soul.”

9) Coffee too hot?

“Blowing over the tiny hole in the lid does nothing.”

10) Morning people are the scariest people.

“I just love life! Don’t you?”

11) Greet everyone as if they’re carrying a box of donuts.

“You are so beautiful…to me. Can’t you see.”

12) Earth Day traditions. Look at beautiful pictures of nature on your phone.

“OMG, what a majestic tree!”

13) Stockpiling.

14) Evolution.

“One venti half-calf non-fat soy latte please.”

15) Frozen.

“How many times do I have to tell you I don’t want this coffee iced.” “So sorry about that sir, I’ll take care of it.” “Umm, yeah. You’re fired.”

16) Liquid courage.

“Slupp! OMG, I can even!!”

17) Home. Vacation.

18) How people pet my dog…Scratch, scratch, scratch.

“How I pet my dog. OMG, I love u so much.”

19) Yoga poses I can do.

“Top shelf chip pose. Remove a Lego from my feet pose. Just out-of-reach pen pose.”

20) This has never happened.

“How do you spell that?”

21) Bringin’ the douche-y back.

“Guess what? I don’t recall the last time I wasn’t an arrogant turd.”

22) Coffee be all like.

“Nobody’s going to hurt you tonight. Not on my watch.” “Thank you, coffee.”

23) Vogue: Gigantic A** Issue.

“The a***s defining our culture today!”

24) Pre. Mid. Post.

25) Ran into a friend in the Starbucks line so I couldn’t get my donut.

“Oh, Hey Josh.” “Sigh”

26) Starbucks pickup lines.

“Hey girl, are you a barista? Cuz I’d love to let you grind my beans.”

27) Caffeine is a pretty name for an essential ingredient of my physical being.

“This is really scalding my arm.”

28) Happy Birthday, Shakespeare.

“Hey Shakespeare, it’s yer birthday. We gonna party like it’s yer birthday. Drink absinthe like it’s yo birthday and we don’t give a f*** cuz it’s yer birthday!”

29) Full moon? No coffee.

30) Wine: Making white girls fun like since forever.

“Ain’t no thang.”

H/t: Mashable

I never realized how much drawing space Starbucks cups have but Josh Hara definitely has the talent to transform them into hilarious pieces of art. Can’t wait to see all 100 of them so please check out his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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